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Thursday, October 26, 2006

One more reason to vote Democratic

Former White House chef Walter Scheib III spoke with Marian Burros about the upcoming publication of "The White House Chef," a position Mr. Scheib held for eleven years, until Bush social secretary Lea Berman fired him. Ms. Berman sent Mr. Scheib menu suggestions from numerous magazines, including Martha Stewart Living. It was important the meals look "just like the picture."

Aside from Ms. Berman's stunning lack of sophisitcation regarding food, food styling, and what might be served to visiting heads of state, there was the small disconnect regarding precisely what to serve Dubya, who favored Scheib's grilled cheese sandwiches, composed of white bread and Kraft singles.

We have a president who, among zillions of other nefarious things, considers Kraft singles food. Yeah, I know, Bill Clinton loved junk food. I would point out that Bill Clinton loved ALL food, and until his heart surgery, ate lavishly. I would also point out that Chelsea and Hillary loved hummus, a food Ms. Berman penned "yuk" beside when it appeared on a menu.

Yuk. Our nation is led by a man eaing processed cheese product. His social secretary, whose husband, incidentally, contributed $300,000 to the Bush Campaign, assessed hummus, an actual foodstuff with a long and noble lineage, with a "yuk."

We are governed by narrow-minded idiots.


Anonymous FreakyBeaky said...

Martha Stewart Living? Dear god.

Perhaps one crook eats like another.

October 26, 2006 8:34 PM  

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