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Monday, October 09, 2006

The Terror of Books

In this link, the wonderful folks at Critical Mass bring us the latest in a parade of intellects, one Mr. Alton Verm, who is calling for the banning of Fahrenheit 451. His daughter, a high school sophomore, told Dad she found it "offensive". Verm, despite not having read the book, is incensed.

Verm joins the distinguished folk of Marshall, Missouri, who want to ban graphic memiors Fun Home and Blankets.

These people scare the hell out of me. Even worse, they are allowed to vote, drive automobiles, and run for public office. Maybe they are responsible, in part, for the idiots currently holding court in the White House?

Never mind. My advice to Verm and the citizens of Marshall: don't like it? Don't read it. You still live in a free country (though not for much longer, if you keep this up). You have a choice. Go back to your Reader's Digests. Live and let live.


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