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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hairball Roundup

One: Karen Hess has died. The NYT obit is here. Food historians owe their professions to her trailblazing, incisive study of American foodways. The rest of us have masterworks like The Taste of America and The Carolina Rice Kitchen, the book on how slaves influenced lowcountry cookery.

Two: Miss Snark has called it quits. Apparently she's said her piece, and is now returning to a life of Agenting, Gin, and George Clooney. Hapless writers everywhere will flail once more.

Three: Newt Gingrich has "written" an "active history" novel. Remember, this guy was an elected official. Recall also that he left his first wife as she lay in bed, battling cancer. Think cobwebby thoughts about his efforts to impeach Clinton, only to be found screwing around himself and booted out by his own party.

Now he thinks he's a writer, grammar and historical veracity be damned.

I think we've located the spring from which all lowered public discourse flows.


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