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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Beef Daube, concluded

Alas, Camera, I knew you were garbage before you refused to work. So Beef Daube Paula, sans illustrations.

I will begin with the armottes, which failed. The cornmeal porridge, despite eighteen-odd hours in the fridge, was too mushy to form cakes. My efforts refused to congeal, even when dumped into a pan of sizzling duck fat. After pouring off some of the fat, I dumped the contents of the Pyrex casserole into the pan, kept the porridge moving, and allowed it to heat up. It was fine as a base beneath the saucy daube. Next time I'll cook it longer, allowing more moisture to evaporate as an aid to congealing.

The daube itself was good without being stellar--it needed oomph--the parsely, perhaps, or a splash of red wine vinegar. Still, well worth making again, should I have three days to cook.


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