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Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Immersion Blender joins the family

Thanks to Mom and Dad, whose birthday check underwrote this fine expenditure.

I actually got the blender several days ago but have been too busy to even open the box. Last night, coming to after a day-long nap, I promised Hockeyman I'd clean the house up bit today.

H-man, who could care less whether or not I clean (okay, so I'm a little obsessive) waved his hand dismissively. "I want to use the immersion blender," he said. He wore that man-with-a-new-toy expression. So, soup tonight. The weather is perfect for it, wet and windy.

After much thought, I have lit on lentil soup with a ham hock ( which I will remove before blending) and lots of vegetables. Definitely potatoes and carrots. The new garlic that came in the farm box. Possibly some greens, though I'm not sure they'll work with the rest of the ingredients. I'll have to play with it.

Meanwhile, let's open the box.

Okay...we have here the instruction booklet for the Cuisinart Smart Stick Hand Blender, complete with whisk and a little plastic bowl that acts as a mini-food processor. I am warned not to kill myself or children by doing stupid things with this tool.

Box fully opened...

I am surrounded by a whisk, a gearbox attachment for the whisk, the mini-processor (with its own sharp blades), a plastic 2-cup measure, and the actual hand blender, which is stainless steel and rather intimidating. I didn't realize I was getting all this stuff. Hmm. Well. The question of where to put everything arises.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's full soup report.


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